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Fuzzy Machete interviewed by Minneapolis's own Pete & Brent of Twin Cities Tank. Click the picture below to be redirected to the interview.
"What is a fuzzy machete?

This all female group from Minneapolis can be described as a powerhouse of razor sharp, indie rock wrapped in a soft, fluffy blanket. With songs ranging from super heroes to even an ode for Quantum Leap's own Scott Bakula. Fuzzy Machete is not afraid to put some fun back in rock and roll."

~ Jason Hemming
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"Fuzzy Machete just played their third gig with Hunter Valentine at the 400 Bar in Minneapolis, last night, October 11th. I've previously described Fuzzy Machete's music as "songs about Star Trek, bunnies, zombies, ninjas, pirates, you know, sort of dorky stuff."

This is the first time I've seen the band with a brand new dedicated singer called Chelsea. Her vocals were more upbeat (and happier) than what I was expecting from Fuzzy Machete. This is not a bad thing, it was just different.

Setlist as follows: "Doctor Who", "Enjoy the Ride", "TV is Awesome", "Gamera", "Behind the Counter", "Kiss", "Leaf on the Wind", and "Mad Skills."

Talking between songs were kept to a minimum because there were four bands on the bill and all the band's set times were reduced to about thirty minutes.

After the gig, Vu interviewed all the current members of Fuzzy Machete (Tara, Jacqui, Chelsea, and Krissandra.) We talked about the nerdism/geeky songs and how excited they were to play with Hunter Valentine."